11 Proven SEO Tactics for Fast Ranking in Google 2019

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11 Proven SEO Tactics for Fast Ranking in Google:Hey wassup bloggers!! Looking for some amazing tricks to rank your page faster higher and sooner? People often explain SEO and ranking stuffs in some strange way and most of them are hypothetical and leaves you astonished.

No matter you are a new blogger or an old one, ranking is not tough, but tricky.  There are several proven method to make your post rank higher and faster, as SEO is an strategy not the process or a trick. It’s a bunch of methods you are supposed to follow in order to get ranked higher, faster and sooner. In this article I have collected a handful of tactic which will help you to rank you website faster and higher on Google.

SEO Tactics for Fast Ranking in Google

Here I am sharing some simple yet powerful tactic you must follow to beat the Google algorithm and rank higher in Google. Read one by one and try implementing them on your WordPress website and soon you fell an amazing growth in Google ranking. So, lets get started and make it work.


1. Right Domain Name for your niche

People usually don’t bother to do R & Ds before buying the domain name. Usually they go to Domain seller website and make purchase. But my dear friends, domain name plays an important role in website ranking.

If you follow some simple tricks and do a proper research before buying the domain, trust me, your 30% of SEO work is done.

So it is important to buy a proper domain, here is the major key points you should consider before you buy a domain for your website. Also make some research on your own.

Free Domain Name For Life Time | List of free Domain provider

2. Investing in Good hosting

After Domain name, a proper hosting plan and server plays another important role in your SEO. Here I would like to inform you that you should never go for a free hosting plan. If you want to make career in blogger you must buy one. A typical hosting plan will cost you around $10, which is worth price for blogging career.

buy a nice webhosting to rank faster

Some blogger never bother to invest on hosting, but if you get a proper hosting, you will soon get paid from your website advertisement program. So, it’s a good idea to invest in good hosting plan. Find the Compared list of top 6 hosting company on cost, bandwidth and uptime which can be helpful for you.

3. Yes HTTPS Switching is great for Google

However it is not a written rule but yes, assigning HTTPS to your domain name is a great tactic to grow your traffic. It also increases the possibilities of your post to get ranked higher in Google.

Secure https affects your SEO and Google Ranking

Google tends to rank a website having a secure domain.  Also its a great to-do thing to help you boosting your SEO and rank higher in Google.

Check And Remove Bad Backlinks To Improve Your Google Ranking

4. Content is King

As all the blogger under the hood, know that the content is the king. Make your content, the problem solver and precise. You don’t have to use heavy english words or long content. But, on the contrary try answering the mostly asked questions. To get traffic and ranking you must write an article which are problem solver. This will help your SEO

Writing problem solving content rank faster on Google

Just imagine , why do you use Google? the answer is to find the solution of my problem which are in form of question. Like how to impress a girl? “, “what is the distance of NewYork to California? “and so on, in order to rank your post on google try writing the post which are usually answering post.

WordPress MultiSite |Ultimate A-Z Guide for Dummies

Try including these words in your tittle to boost your SEO and ranking.

  • What 
  • If
  • How
  • Proven Method
  • Use numbers (eg. 101 trick to Rank faster in Google)
  • How to
  • Ultimate Idea
  • How I Grew , Earn, Rank, reduced etc.

Above are some examples to write a perfect blog tittle. Using these words in your blog tittle will enrich your SEO and your post will reflect  higher in Google Search.

5.Theme plays an important role in Google Ranking

Here come the most asked and less answered question, The themes. If you are new to blogging and want to customize the look of your website, WordPress is here for you. Fortunately there are several free themes available o use as your WordPress website. But, Wait! before you determine the right theme for your website let me tell you something.

A mobile friendly theme plays and important role in ranking

Folks! WordPress theme is also a vital factor for decent and high end traffic. In order to get most out of your content and rank your blog in Google, it is advised to always use a theme which is Mobile friendly and light weighted.

For beginning you may go for a demo version of theme but keep in mind “Never ever use nulled or cracked theme” as they are injected with malicious code which effects your ranking badly. If you are having a budget then it’s a wise idea to invest in Theme. Remember – Nothing is free in this world, why would someone give you a theme for free?. 

Also consider using visual editor tools or page  builder plugins like Elementor, Div page builder to design your website look beautiful and decent.

6. Enrich you Google Ranking with Plugins

Yet another factor to boost your SEO and help you rank higher in Google. WordPress has millions of plugins under the hood. Most of them are free and compatible with the older and newer version of WordPress 

Plugins can help you to do SEO properly

Yoast SEO, All in one SEO, Wp cache, Heateor Social Comments,  OneSignal Push Notifications etc are the name of few plugins which are free to use and must have plugins in order to do proper SEO to your post.

7. Social Sharing or Web 2.0 Submission

Now you have finally learned to built a website and write the article. But, how to draw traffic initially?. As we know everything is already available on Google, Right!. Why would Google bother to rank your website higher than others who have already written a post similar to you?

Web 2.0 submission is important to for ranking

Web 2.0 submission is important for ranking

The question is, then how to draw traffic to your new website? Well, Social Media platform is here to rescue. Sharing your Post to Social Media platforms can boost your post and it will also help you to get a quality backlink(we shall discuss backlinks later). Which help Google to understand your article and apparently rank in the search result. Most of the social media platform are free.

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Try sharing you post across the Social media Platform like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter Quora etc. This is called Web 2.0 submission. Read here Why Web Submission Directory is free yet powerful tool for ranking your website in Google.

8. Get Backlinks

Here comes my favorite topic. The Backlink is everything for your website. It can effect your Google ranking positive and negative as well. A backlink from high PR DR domain can make your post show higher in Google search.  if your are having a backlink from some spammy website then it will effect your Google ranking negatively. 

Get backlink from high DA websites

Getting a proper baclink to affect your SEO and rank higher is quite vast topic to discuss here. So, I have explained it in a separate post.

Always try to get a backlink from high authority site. A website have a DR PR of more than 50 out of hundred is good place to help your post rank high. This is an powerful SEO tactics for fast ranking in Google.

Note: Never try to buy Backlinks as it may affect your website health negatively.

9. Web directory Submission

Web directory submission is a smartest yet tricky SEO tactics for fast ranking in Google. A WD Submission is very similar to backlink. Submit your post to the web directories and soon you will get a backlink. Sadly most of the Web Submission directories are paid and the free one are not quite effective. However there are several other Free Directory Submission Sites to Drive Crazy Traffic to your Website.

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Try submitting your blog to these directories regularly. But not right after you have published the post. Submit your post after two or three day of publish can trigger Google to rank your post.

10. Add your Post to Search Console 

Google Search Console is free tool from Google famous SEO tactics for fast ranking your article in Google. You can actuality perform a lots of SEO stuffs with Google Search Console. If you are new to Google Console click here to learn about Google Search Console setup Guide to connect your website.

perform a lots of SEO stuffs with Google Search Console

Google Search console helps Google bots to crawl your website regularly in order to rank your website in Google. You can monitor the traffic and link with Google Search Console.

Also submit your post to different search engines like Bing,Yahoo, etc. 




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