BEWARE!!Rival May Steal Your Website| Hide Website Information

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BEWARE!!Rival May Steal Your Website Hide Website Information

BEWARE!! You Rival May Steal Your Website| How To Hide Website Information 

If you are a blogger and concerned to your website security and privacy then this article might change your opinion towards becoming a successful blogger. Let me ask you a question?

How many time you have been attracted to a dashing and catchy theme of a website? While surfing the internet, we blogger often get lured towards an eye catching website and we wonder somehow we could know the themes, plug-in and other add-on being used on that particular website so that you can steal or copy the same theme and plug-in to your website and make it worth beautiful.

If you are a blogger and you really don’t know to how to detect the theme of a WordPress website you may visit the link below.

How to know the theme and plug-in used on a website

Why is it important to Hide Website Information

All the blogger around have their own strategy to get their post ranked, SEO, Content, Keyword, themes, plug-in etc. In such, no one would like to share these methods and information to others, especially to the strangers who might create a competition against him or her.

hide wordpress theme_wp-theme detector

And Now-a-days when competition is so high and everyone online is there to steal the idea, design and content, one must take care of privacy and security of their website contents and information.

How to secure your wordpress by hiding website information

There are several tool available online which let you have a sneak peek to any website’s data and information which are not supposed to be displayed and might cause a real peril to professional blogger. Hiding your website details and information like, the theme you are using on your WordPress website or blog, the plugins, the ad-network you use to monetize your content and many more, is an important exercise every professional blogger should use.

Hiding your wordpress website information using plugin

There are plenty of paid and unpaid method to hide your website information. In this article I am going to explain you a top free method to hide your wordpress website information and prevent it from being shown publicly, so that you can feel more secure and safe.

WordPress plugin to hide your blog information

WordPress is a well known and mostly used platform by professional blogger. It’s easy and user friendly interface allow you to perform plenty of actions without having any special knowledge of codes and scripts. In addition wordpress comes with tons of addons called plugins to help you to design, decorate, Secure, and rank your website.

In order to secure your website information, wordpress comes with a plugin called “WP Hide & Security Enhancer“. This plugin lets you configure your dashboard of your website and let you choose the type of  information you want to hide from being displayed on public domain.

How to Install WP Hide & Security Enhancer

If you are a professional blogger and you are aware of plugins, its installation and configuration then it is going to be quite easy for you and you may skip to next section. But those who are new to WordPress are suggested to go step by step.
Step 1
open you WordPress dashboard by logging in to your admin panel. type the following lines in your address bar and press enter, 

replace with your website name and extension, put in your login details and if everything goes right you will be directed to you wordpress Dashboard (see image below)

Hide and Secure you WordPress

Step 2

Now go to the left panel of your dashboard and hover your mouse on plugin section.

Step 3

Click on “add new

Step 4

In the Search Bar on the left upper corner type “WP Hide & Security Enhancer

hide website information Install WP Hide & Security Enhancer

Step 5

Now click on the plugin to install and activate.

Configuring WP Hide & Security Enhancer:

you gotta be very careful while configuring the plugin, as the wrong configuration might affect your website ranking and search appearance.  After you have successfully installed and Activate the plugin, it’s time to configure it.
Point to left corner of you dashboard and click on WP Hide. This will redirect you a configuration page(see image below).

Configuring WP Hide & Security Enhancer

Here you can hide all your website information and data as per you requirement. Hide theme name, plugins, wp-contents etc of your WordPress website. 

Go to theme section by clicking on upper right bar, here you are required to input any custom name to replace the default folder, which will help you to hide your name from being displayed. You can give any random name, by visiting respective segment from upper navigation bar you want to hide. Finally save the settings and refresh the dashboard.Bingo!! you have successfully secured your website information from being displayed to anyone.



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