Purchase Domain Name| Things to Know Before you Register

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Purchase Domain Name Things to Know Before you Register

What is Domain Name

A domain name is a physical name of your website. It is the encoded form of IP Address. A set of digits that make up your IP address into something catchy that people can remember. 

Domains are bought through Registrars, a company which are assigned to manage the reservation of Domain name and pointing it back to your website. In short, the part of a network address which identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

What is Public Domain And How Does it Work

  A typical Domain name is consist of two name section , the name and extension. A Domain name is the unique identity of your website. Any individual, Industry company or organisation having a website or internet presence need to reserve a domain name.

Purchase Domain Name

As Domain names are Alphabetic or alpha numeric it is easy to remember, the Internet is fully based on IP and DNS. Every time a user uses a Domain name to call a website the DNS services is setup to translate those alphabetical name in form of specific IP which is assigned to that particular Domain name. i.e.

If you call Somnio360.com, the DNS will solve it in form of IP, which is a digital version of the Domain Somnio360.com. Each and every Domain is assigned a different set of IP address.

Different types of domain names

  • TLD – Top Level Domains. These are at the highest level in the DNS structure of the Internet. …
  • ccTLD – country code Top Level Domains. …
  • gTLD – generic Top Level Domain. …
  • IDN ccTLD – internationalised country code top-level domains. …
  • Second level. …
  • Third level. …
  • Sub domain.

How to Purchase a Domain Name 

There are different type of Domains available to get reserved as per your requirement.  Some are free and other are paid. We shall discuss this point to point.

To register a domain name you can simply visit a Domain name seller registrar and register the domain name as per your requirement and availability. A typical Domain can be registered for minimum 1 month and maximum 10 years.

Free Domain Name vs Paid Domain name

Free Domain Name vs Paid Domain name

Free Domain Name vs Paid Domain name

You might have heard of free domain (.tk , .000 etc). There are several registrar companies who provide free domain. These domains are free to use initially. All you need is to check the availability of your preferred domain, if the name is not already taken then you will be provided the domain for free. Here is the list of some popular registrar where you can register a free domain for you. 

Why these Domains are free

The domains which you call free are not actually free. Initially you get a free domain to use but after a time period you need to buy the domain in order to continue using same domain for your website. And if you are having a nice traffic on your domain and you are making enough money, you would never like to loose this domain. Means you will have to purchase/renew the same domain after the free period(which is typical 1-12 months) expires. So, there is not such free Domain. 

Free domain are not free

Free domain are not free

Now, If you are looking for a serious blogging career for a long time then it is advised to use paid domain rather the free one. Also if you are using a free domain then make sure to switch it to a paid domain before you get growing.

Freenom and Dot.tk are some of the popular website who provide you the free domain to use but before you consider using free Domain I suggest you to go through the article down below.

Why you Should not Use Free Domain

There are several people around the internet and friends who will suggest you to get a free domain, but there are several other reasons you should never use a free Domain.

  • There are no such thing called “free domain”. In order to use it for a long period you will have to pay them. 
  • Free Domains have their own limitations, you cannot get a high authority domain (.com ,.org, .edu etc.) Which are useless for a standard blogger.
  • If you want to monetize your blog to make earning out of it then you must know that most of the publishers like Adsense, Media.net etc. won’t allow you to monetize such website having free domain.
  • It looks so unprofessional and Spam. People usually don’t trust the website having an extension name like .tk and .000 etc.
  • It is hard to rank a website with free domain name. SEO, SERP and other things are usually not effective on such websites





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