Web Submission Directory Free but yet Powerful

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Web Submission Directory Free but yet Powerful

Know Why it is important for everyone to submit their blog to web 2.0 submission site

Web submission or Web submission 2.0 can be described as submitting your website or post link to another website. Whereas Web submission allows you to submit your Url to their web submission form and the website creates a separate page for your submitted url.

Unlike Backlinks, you are not required to make any pointing link back to your website or blog contain the particular post, but once the url is submitted to the web submission directory they auto generate a separate backlink to your post. Most of the websites allow you to create a free sub-domain for post your content as a blog or a micro website.

What are Web 2.0 submission sites?

Web 2.0 submission are some short of blog websites which allow you to build a backlink with them. Most of the web 2.0 submission websites are having a high domain authority which helps you to draw a quality and organic traffic to your blog or website.
To get a backlink all you have to do is to provide them a link of your article or post and a few detail about your blog. once successfully submitted they have a backing on their website containing the link of your website. As they have a higher DA and PA they can help you to drive a huge traffic to your post.

Why to do Web 2.0 submissions

Well answering the question contains a lots of explanations which we will discuss on. Why web submission is a must-to-do for all bloggers.

1. Dofollow links : If you are a blogger they you may knew the power of backlinks. Backlinks are a recommendations to your blog or post , which comes directly from other website. Higher the Dofollow Backlinks better the site rank and rapport. And most of the free directory submission website provide you a high quality Backlink which is good for your websites health and ranking.

2. Micro Website: Web submission is an easy and almost free tool to create micro website dedicated to your post or blog.

3. Traffic : As we all know, website without traffic is like a shop without no customer. In such web submission comes to the rescue, besides providing you quality backlinks they can also provide you a great organic traffic. Which is quite helpful for a blogger espacilly the new one.

4. Improve your DA and PA: As these web submission website have a nice domain and page authority and getting a Backlink from these websites can help you to improve you Domain and Page authority as well.

Whether you have a website or not, participating in a web 2.0 community can be fun. Even for those involved in internet marketing, web 2.0 sites offer many benefits as well since their websites, blog posts, favorite pages (bookmarks) and profiles are visible to other members of their community.



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