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Wordpress MUltisite

WordPress Multisite Ultimate A-Z Guide for Dummies

What is WordPress Multisite, There is been a misconceptions or a miss information around the bloggers and website owners about WordPress Multisite. They think that Multisite will allow them to handle multiple site much better as compared to two or more than two different websites or blog. But, Multisite is much more complex and often the owner end up with a frustrating when they realize the complexity and the term of flexibility of maintaining and managing the wordpress multisite website. So before you start thinking about installing a Multisite website you are suggested to go through the article to understand the complexity, advantage, process and pros and cons of a Mutisite website. And the purpose of introducing of multisite. Why and why not you should use a Multisite website. In additions I will explain the complete process to install and setup a multisite website. The Multisite was introduced into WordPress Core with the WordPress 3.0 release.

What is Multisite?

Who should use Multisite,multisite install

Multisite — the WordPress configuration that lets a user launch several sites off their main site. It’s not something that most users may know about, but it’s worth getting the details to determine if it’s right for your site. Multisite was first introduced by wordpress 3.0 A special kind of feature of wordpress which facilitate to run two or more website on an existing wordpress installation to create a network of websites. In short- a Multisite allows you to run more than one wordress website on an single installed wordpress.

Example of WordPress Multisite

To understand a wordpress Multisite let’s see some live example which might help you to understand it clearly.
WordPress.com – If you are an existing website owner then I am pretty sure that you are aware of the two different versions of wordpress. WordPress.com and WordPress.org. A wordpress.org website is required a host to be installed on, it can be either locally or on the internet which you are required to purchase.

But a website created with wordpress.com is not required any hosting plan. Rather if you want to start blogging with wordprees.com, you can start it anytime without investing any money.

Know here the difference between a WordPress.com and WordPress.org Website.

A website created on wordpress.com is an example of multisite. It’s a huge network of multisite having millions of multisite under a single domain. WordPress.com itself is a guardian website and all the child website exists under its network is known as multisite. A Multisite. eg: mydomain.wordpress.com

Example Of MultiSite

site1.maindomain.com or chlidsite.guardiandomain.com
maindomain.com/site1 or guardiandomain.com/childsite

Who should use Multisite

If you have a limited hosting plan which allows you to host only single domain and you are a people of huge ideas who loves to write on several niche, the multisite wordpress is for you. Usually in a single domain hosting plan you are allowed to install only one wordpress with on Domain. And as most of the people do, once they start blogging they are lured to write for several niche and tends to own multiple website.

Even I am having multiple website which runs on wordpress . You may visit my other website Somnio360.com where I usually post the article related to technology, Trending Topics, Android, and Many more.

It also works best when it uses a limited number of themes specifically created with the purposes of the website network, as opposed to allowing members of the network to upload their own custom themes. If your network consists of widely different WordPress sites in terms of plugins, themes and customization, then Multisite is not a good fit for you.

So, if you are a blogger enthusiast and want to broad your network or area of writing the blog on several niche, the Multisite is the best option for you to start a new niche. Specially if you are stuck with a hosting plan with a single domain hosting limit, which most of the new blogger do, and don’t want to invest on a new host.

A real estate company or a university are an another example of Multisite as they need to maintain one brand name but they need to provide different blog area to the employees or the new launched products and services. for example a car manufacturing company can have a network of multisite with the launch of every new vehicle eg: car1.company.com , car2.company.com etc.

Who should not use Multisite

Besides all the flexibility and money saving funda!. There are several people or website owner who should not use wordpress Multisite. As we discussed prior, the multisite has its own limitation and the complexity which should be considered before you plan to start a multisite. The requirement and the limits of having a multisite website are based on the conditions as below.

  • Personal Blog: A personal blog is a typical blog which deals with several categories. These blogs are usually having multiple author, writing about several niche and topics, News websites, or a website with no specific niche or topic. These websites are advised to stay with a single WordPress installation. In other words, if your websites lies under a personal blog category then you must avoid using multisite. Rater you should category option under same single wordpress website.


  • Portfolio Website : A typical portfolio websites contains the information about a person, Industry or Company. It has a collection of Image showcase, Personal information, testimonial, case studies and contact information. If your blog/website lies under this category then you should not use multisite, as it may mess with your rapport and might affect the presence of you online.


  • Small business Website: A small business website contains 2 or 3 pages with the company information contact form etc. Websites under this category are advised to use only single wordpress rather the multisite wordpress.

How to Install and Use Multisite

Now, If you are still reading this then I am quite sure that you would love to learn the installation of a multisite, So, buckle up your seats because this is going to be a bit long explanation. Here we shall learn about the several factors of a multisite wordpress website.

By now we all know the meaning of multisite, the use of multi site, advantage and disadvantages of multisite. Now it’ time to get your hand dirty as we are heading to do some practical work.

Things to do before Installing a multisite.

Note: Before you start playing with the codes and plugins I request you to keep a backup copy of every single file before you alter them.

Here I assume that you are having a wordpress installed website and you are quite aware of Web Hosting, Cpanel, WordPress dashboard and all. So, before we jump to the next step you are advised to deactivate all your wordpress plugin and make sure your permalinks are setup to plain correctly.

Wordpress multisite setup_set_permalink_to_Plain

Installing WordPress Multisite:

After you have deactivated all your plugins and setup the permalinks properly it’s time to go to your webhosting cpanel and start installing the multisite. Now follow the steps below.

Steps to Install Multisite on WordPress:

This installation has two parts. One part deals with the server side setup and the another deals with wordpress setup. I will explain it one by one. Make sure go through the steps carefully.

Configuring Cpanel and Edit wp-config.php to install wordpress multisite

Step 1.
Go to your hosting cpanel by login in
Step 2.
Open file manager. In the main root directory you will find all the installation files and configuration data. Here we are going to edit wp-config.php file.

Right Click and select Edit. Ignore any message and head to editor

Right Click and select Edit. Ignore any message and head to editor

Step 3.
click on wp-config.php to select the file and click on edit option on the upper navigation menu. This will open the wp-config.php file.
Step 4.
Scroll extreme down of the file and locate the last lines of the configuration instructions, scripts and codes
Step 5.
Locate the   “/* thats all, stop editing! Happy ending */” and add the following lines right before it

/* Multisite */
define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE' true );

[here /*multisite */ is a marker to remember so that it will be easy to find the Multisite definition required later]
Make sure to spell it all the word correctly and in the same character case is written above(small and large).

You may simply copy these lines above and paste it directly in the wp-config.php at exact location as shown in image below.

Wordpress-Multisite add WP_ALLOW_ULTISITE
Step 6.
Click on save changes. Now we are done with cpanel.

Configuring WordPress dashboard to install wordpress Multisite

Step 1.
Login in to your wordpress dashboard by simply going to domainname.xyz/wp-admin and entering the login details

Step 2.
Navigate to tools tab and hover your mouse on it. Here click on Network Setup in the drop-down pop-up menu.



Step 3.
Select the type of multisite you want to create. Either a sub-domain or a sub-directory. Select the type of site name as per your requirement. (see the example box)

Step 4.
After you have selected the type of site you want to create. Enter the title of the new website in “Network title” section. Now it’s time to select an admin Email in “Network Admin Email” which will be used to login to the dashboard of the new created website or sub-website.

Step 5. Click in “Install” Button. After the installation is finished you will be displayed couple of snipped as shown in image below:

Copy these snippet as we will need it to paste in wpconfig file

Copy these snippet as we will need it to paste in wpconfig file

This will redirect you to the new page where you will be displayed couple of code which has to be pasted in two files “wp-config.php” and “.htaccess”. Here you will find two snippet of codes numbering 1 and 2. (see Image) Don’t close this page as we will need this later.

Putting snippet codes in wp-config.php on the server

  • Getting back to the server end and navigating the File Manager under cpanel as we did prior.
  • Here open the wp-config.php file again as we did prior, and scroll to the bottom of the file.
  • Now find the lines where did we put the codes define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’ true );. in previous process.
Configuring wp-config.php to defining the mutisite value true

Configuring wp-config.php to defining the mutisite value true

  • Now Copy the Snippet from the Dashboard of WordPress Multisite setup and copy the entire snippet number 1( as shown in image above), and paste the entire snippet right below the define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’ true );line.


  • Now save the file by clicking on “save changes” button on the upper right corner of the editor

Putting snippet codes in .htaccess on the server

  • Now find the .htaccess and open it to editor by following the same process as we did with “wp-config.php” file.
Select .htaccess and click on edit under cpanel fileMananger

Select .htaccess and click on edit under cpanel fileMananger

  • Now delete the entire lines between the “<IfModule nod_rerwite.c>” and “</IfModule>”. We have to put the new snippet codes here.
  • Go to WordPress dashboard again and copy the entire snippet number 2
  • Paste the entire snippet(no.2) between the lines in .htaccess file. (see Image)
Paste the entire snippet(no.2) between the lines in .htaccess file

Paste the entire snippet(no.2) between the lines in .htaccess file

  • Save the file by clicking on “save changes” button

Bingo!! your Multisite is installed and you have just created a new website for you.

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and refresh , and log back in.Here will notice an extra tool bar at the upper corner of your dashboard “Network Admin newsitename” (Bronxites site in my case). You can write new post , Edit themes, install plugins to the new site by going to new site from “my sitespop-up menu>Network Admin

Note: The themes, plugins and all the new Addons you add, will go to to your main site. If you want to install it to the new website(nultisite), you will have to install it under network site or simply by clicking on “Network Enable” Button.

Click here to install a new theme and Plugin on the new create website under Network(Multisite)

If you don’t like reading and want to see it in action then here is the video you can watch 

Video Tutorial for WordPress MultiSite

For any query, suggestions and thoughts over multisites , feel free to use the comment box below.



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